Review: Out-of-Focus

Focus Margot Robbie Will Smith Review

If you are looking for the next best heist film, you will be disappointed.

None the less, Focus is packed with surprises and boasts a stellar cast.

Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith), an experienced con-man is at the centre of this film along with amateur grifter, Jess (Margot Robbie), who he takes under his wing after her ill thought out plan to scam him turns in to con-gone-wrong.

The pair end up falling in love which becomes problematic for Nicky, who’s adamant that there is no room for emotion in his line of work.

Focus, which is perhaps best described as a Con-rom-com, has an unpredictable, albeit far-fetched storyline with more twists and turns than a formula 1 race course.

While the story is unconvincing at times, the cast are brilliant.

Adrian Martinez’s character, Farhad, is a surprising scene-stealer with a number of chuckle-inducing lines that add an effortless comedic flair to the film.

Will Smith is the epitome of a smooth criminal in the role of Nicky and he has a unique on-screen chemistry with the undeniably beautiful Margot Robbie, who has been on just about everyone’s one-to-watch list since her role in the Wolf of Wall Street.

Robbie is superbly charming as Jess, proving once again that she is more than just a pretty face and can certainly hold her own when working with high calibre actors.

As far as con-artist movies go, Focus is no Ocean’s Eleven, but it is certainly entertaining.


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