Feature: Teenage cosmetic obsession



From plump lips to perky tits, Rachel Davies-Day investigates two teenager’s obsession with cosmetic enhancement.

The day you turn 18 is special to say the least. Most can’t wait to get down the pub for their first legal pint while some may already have a mock-up of their first tattoo, but for these teens, it marked the day they could finally start taking their appearance in to their own hands.

When the day of her 18th birthday arrived Olivia Holmes couldn’t wait for what was in store for her.

Months earlier her mum had agreed to make the appointment, lip fillers were the perfect gift to mark her entrance in to womanhood.

Olivia had lip injections on her 18th birthday

The petite teen from Watford claims the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, she said: “My mum and I are very similar, she’s got fillers herself and she thinks I should go for a boob job.”

Dubbed a ‘crisis waiting to happen’ by a 2013 review of the Regulations of Cosmetic interventions, dermal fillers could well be becoming a new craze amongst young women.

The review showed that the growth in celebrity culture and the use of social media has fuelled young girls desire to undergo cosmetic intervention.

I would have got my lips done younger if I could

Speaking through visibly inflated lips, Olivia said: “I would have got my lips done younger if I could and I want a lot more procedures, I think there is always room for improvement.”

One glance at the blonde bombshell is enough to have anyone wondering why on earth she would want to alter herself, trout-pout aside, she is undeniably beautiful.

Lolly and her mum
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Olivia and her glamorous mum Marianne

However it is the sad truth that a worrying amount of young women are concerned with their looks, according to a survey conducted as part of the review 62% of 11 to 16 year old’s felt some pressure to look like celebrities.

This seems to hold true in Olivia’s case who says she wanted her lips done since she was 14 to resemble those of actress Angelina Jolie, the poster girl for plump lips.

After her first taste of cosmetic intervention, Olivia is hungry for more and has already started looking for a surgeon to increase the size of her boobs.

She said: “I’ve wanted a boob job since I was about 15 and after having my son I’m even more determined.”

It doesn’t end at lips and boobs, the nineteen year old said: “I also want a nose job to correct the bump in my nose and I’m going to get botox as soon as a get my first wrinkle”

That doesn’t mean to say she thinks everyone should jump on the surgery bandwagon.

She said: “I definitely don’t think you should get surgery or any procedure unless you’re genuinely upset with your appearance. Before I started getting fillers I just wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked. I’m still unhappy with my looks but that will improve with every procedure.”

The yummy mummy said she hopes her son won’t want to go down the surgery route but said she would support him if he was genuinely unhappy with his looks.

Olivia with her son Angelo: She say’s she hopes he doesn’t go down the surgery route.

Despite evidence suggesting young women want surgery to look more like celebrities, Olivia says it is nothing to do with wanting to look like someone else.

I would rather look like Joan Rivers when I’m 80 than an old woman 

She said: “I don’t want surgery to look like somebody else, I want it because I want to improve who I am and I think it’s amazing that I am able to. People do tell me I sound obsessive and that I’m going to end up looking stupid but I would rather look like Joan Rivers when I’m 80 than an old woman.”

She is adamant that despite being told she does not need surgery, she will go through with it.

She said: “Most of my friends and family tell me I don’t need it and I definitely get a lot of stick for getting lip fillers so young but I won’t let that stop me from getting surgery. At the end of the day it’s up to me what I do with my body and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

However as recent television shows surrounding botched surgeries have brought to light, cosmetic enhancements aren’t always a walk in the park and a lot can go wrong. Not only are there health risks attached but it is difficult to say whether an eighteen year old is emotionally mature enough to make such a huge decision, as twenty-one-year-old Katie Roberts found out the hard way.

Katie from Potters Bar had her breasts enlarged from a 34C cup to a 34F at 19 years old.

She said: “I absolutely loved them at the time but as I get older I have started to question whether I made the right decision. I don’t necessarily regret the surgery but if I were to go through with it now I wouldn’t have them as big.”

The tall brunette says she was somewhat fixated with the idea of getting a boob job in her younger teen years but says her priorities have changed after entering her twenties.

She said: “I think when I was younger I had quite a low self-esteem and I thought that getting my boobs done would fix all of my insecurities, I am a lot more confident now but I think that is also down to growing up and becoming more accepting of myself.”

Although Katie is by no means unhappy with her boobs now, she says she wishes she had gone for a more natural look.

She said: “It just goes to show that no matter how adamant you are about something at the time you could end up changing your mind and the decision to have any cosmetic surgery isn’t something that should be made lightly.”

Katie certainly isn’t the first person to have a different outlook in her twenties compared to her teen years, which begs the question of whether women as young as 18 are ready to make decisions that could have such a huge impact on their future.

While most 18 year-olds stick to exploring booze and tattoo’s it is without a doubt an emerging and, perhaps, concerning trend for teenagers to turn to more than just makeup to change their appearance.


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