10 times fans got way too physical with celebrities

Lets face it, most of us would jump at the opportunity to touch the Bieb’s glorious face, even if just to try and slap some sense into him.

Regardless, it turns out the star doesn’t appreciate strangers going for his money-maker, something a fan found out the hard way when he felt the wrath of million dollar Bieber on Wednesday.

It’s certainly not the first time a celebs physical boundaries have been broken, here’s 10 times fans have got a little too close for comfort..

1. When Gigi Hadid went from super-model to super-ninja 


Biebers not the only one who’s not afraid to bite back. Gigi Hadid has said she had every right to defend herself when prankster Vitalii Sediuk attacked her during Milan Fashion week in September. No one deserves to be man-handled like that. You go girl!

2. When we were forced to play now you see B now you don’t 


This is a game we never want to play again. Beyonce’s security team were quick to react back in 2013 when she was grabbed by a fan during her concert in Brazil. Luckily she was unharmed. All hail Queen B.

3. When a fan tried to sweep Harry Styles off his feet in the worst way imaginable


It’s every girls dream, but this is not the way to do it. Harry survived this unprecedented attack after a female fan launched herself at him while he was touring Norway in 2013. It’s no wonder the 1D boys have decided to take a break.

4. When Leonardo DiCaprio found a man by his DiCrotchio


Prankster Vitalii Seduik was behind this interesting scenario at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2014. Fortunately Leo saw the funny side and was able to laugh it off.

5. When Kim Kardashian became the star of all memes in 2014


Unsurprisingly, Seduik was involved. Kim almost lost her balance when the pest tried to grab her while in a large crowd during the 2014 Paris Fashion week.

Of course, this isn’t the only trauma Kim has experienced in the French capital. The reality star has been spending time out of the spotlight after she was gagged and robbed at gun point last month. Take as much time as you need Kimmy, we love you.

6. When a fan went for Katy’s Kitties


Katy Perry almost seemed to enjoy this encounter. A dazed fan was reluctant to let go of the songstress when she was invited on stage in Rio De Janeiro last year. Perry exclaimed: “I think she’s rolling!” ah, that explains the sloppy hugs.

7. When Bradley Cooper fell victim to the dick dive


Just one month prior to the DiCaprio incident, the same prankster paid Bradley Cooper’s private parts a visit in in L.A. Has this guy got nothing better to do?

8. When Nicki found herself in a sticky situation on stage


A classic stage invasion. Nicki Minaj was grabbed on stage back in 2012 while performing in Florida. Luckily her security team were able to step in before the starlet had time to process what was happening!

9. When a green-haired Kylie Jenner was targeted by a green-eyed monster 


We’re putting this one down to jealousy. A fan appeared to viciously tug on King Kylie’s hair as she left Chris Brown’s concert in California last year. This is just spiteful and so not okay!

10. When Blac Chyna swerved a smooch

Blac Chyna.gif

Speaking of Kylie, her brother’s bae (who also happens to be her boyfriend’s ex) has had to endure unwanted physical attention from fans too. A puckered up stranger was swiftly dodged by Rob Kardashian’s Fiancee in Los Angeles last April. Chyna is probably too busy showering her new baby, Dream, with kisses to even remember this creep.

While they are undoubtably a better breed than us muggles, it’s worth remembering that, just like us, celebs don’t appreciate strangers getting up in their grill. Maybe try sending them a tweet if you’re that desperate for their attention..


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