18 signs your mum is your ultimate ride or die chick

Mothers day might be next month but thats irrelevant when your mum is number 1 from Mon to Sun. Here’s 17 Signs your mum is your ultimate ride or die chick.

1. You love it when people ask if you’re sisters

You might as well be!

2. She can get a little over protective

miley cyrus mom.gif

And vice versa.

3. You’ve invented some of your own weird traditions

Totally normal.

4. You already know exactly who you would thank first if you ever won a big award

halle berry.gif

“So grateful, so blessed, I could never have won this spelling competition without you”

5. You’re completely cool with colour coordinating


You’ve got matching genes, sassiness and humour so you might as well match your clothes.

6. You would rather die alone than date someone she didn’t approve of

cant date.gif

My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone.

7. And you’re waiting for the day they announce a re-make of this show

date my mom.gif

Where can I sign up?

8. You’re not afraid to give her a little shoutout on your social media

She really is the best.

9. You always let her have first dibs on seats

Rebecca black friday.gif

You don’t like your back to the restaurant? Fine! Prefer the window seat? Anything for you, mum.

10. She doesn’t often post on Facebook, but when she does it’s usually about your achievements


*Removes tag*

11. Or to share a random heartfelt message she clearly wants you to see

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Okay mum.

12. If she had to take a lie detector it would probably go a little something like this


It’s not your fault your siblings pale in comparison to you.

13. You find it baffling when you see people being disrespectful to their mums

cash me outside.gif

It’s just wrong.

14. You love to snap a selfie together



15. Even when you’re not expecting it


10/10 for the matching buns and tie-dye.

16. You don’t keep secrets

lindsey lohan.gif

And you think its weird when your friends lie to their mums.

17. Other mums want to try and claim you as their own 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

18. But you wouldn’t trade yours for the world


Cos no bond is stronger!


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