22 things I plan on doing now that I’m 22

Shoutout to T Swizzle for putting this age on the map! My Birthday was actually March 5th but the fallout involved the worlds longest hangover to date.

Irrespective of the questionable mental state my bday blowout left me in I managed to have a bit of a eureka moment and I’m ready to grab 22 by the balls. Seeing as I missed the boat on new years resolutions and those things are like totally too mainstream anyways I’m going to set some new goals now, some New Age Resolutions if you will..

Without further ado here’s 22 things 22 year-old me is going to (probably not) do..


1. Stop trying to grow up too fast


You might think that I would want to start growing up a bit more now that I’m past the 21 milestone but I want to do the exact opposite. My friendship group happen to have grown up incredibly fast. The majority didn’t go to uni and they have been working adults for a long time now. A couple actually have babies already and talk of saving for mortgages comes up quite frequently. The fact that I’m more concerned with Haribo Rings than engagement rings has sometimes left me feeling a bit immature and I often put pressure on myself to grow up more. I’ve decided that’s bs and it’s completely okay that I want my 20s to be as carefree and fun as possible!

2. Improve my skills


This is something I’ve been focusing on for a while now but I’m ready to go ham and a half on improving some of my skills even more. I particularly want to dedicate more time to writing, since I graduated I’ve neglected it a little bit (I blame the 100 billion word dissertation). I’m definitely going to be spending a lot of time writing about things I love, making videos and working on my photography skills.

3. Overcome my shyness


I’ll always be a naturally shy person, and I’m fine with that. However I’m determined to never let my shyness stop me from doing something! Studying Journalism actually did wonders for my confidence because I constantly had to interview strangers and make my voice heard amongst a sea of super confident aspiring news readers.

4. Finish a series


On a less serious note I have a real problem with starting a series and not finishing it. I only seem to finish a series if I watch it while it’s on TV once a week – I just wasn’t built for this binge watching Netflix era.

5. Read more books


I’ll either never read or I’ll find a book I love and absolutely cane it, finishing within 48 hours. I really wanna make reading more of a daily/weekly occurrence.

6. Stop comparing myself to people on social media


I’m well aware that what people choose to portray on social media is usually miles away from real life. I’m literally the biggest catfish with my selfies so I know from experience! Yet for some reason I still look at ridiculously beauts/skinny/rich people and sorta wish I was more like them! It stops here.

7. Stop comparing myself to other people in general


When I was in school I probably would have done everything to ensure I fit in. I’ve become a lot more comfortable with my individuality as I’ve grown up – but i’ve decided imma really do me now that I’m 22.

8. Focus more on the positives than the negatives


I definitely don’t just speak for myself when I say I can focus on what I don’t have rather than what I do have. Or what I don’t like about myself as opposed to what I do. I’m an incredibly lucky person and while I might not have as much as some people I have a ridiculous amount to be grateful for! I’m not saying I’m never going to complain again but I definitely want to be more appreciative of some of the things I’ve taken for granted in the past.

9. Listen to more music


I do this a lot already but you can never have enough tunes tbh.

10. Eat more green shit and less beige shit


I just love beige though.

11. Stop caring what other people think


I don’t know why but in the past I have been afraid to put myself and my work out there because I was so scared of what people would think. This prevented me from blogging and using social media to show my interests from a younger age. Now that I have started to put my videos and pictures on social media, people sometimes ask me why I bother – what do I have to gain? As if I am completely wasting my time, but I just really like doing it. While I don’t think I could ever stop caring completely what people think of me I’ve decided idgaf about what you think of my baking vids, my beauty blog, or whatever else it is I choose to throw my energy into over the next year.

12. Pay others more compliments


I verbally compliment other people a lot, but nowhere near as much as I do mentally! Not much can brighten your day like a good old compliment and so I want to make more of an effort to say it out loud when I think someone is slaaaaaying.

13. Have more faith in myself


I am RIDICULOUSLY hard on myself. I always strive to be better, which I don’t think is a bad thing, but too frequently I put myself and my abilities down. I want to appreciate the level I am at and stop pressuring myself to advance, I am only 22 and I’ve got so much time ahead of me to grow

14. Go to the theatre

giphy (2).gif

Only because I’ve been saying that I want to go for the past 5 or so years and I still haven’t got around to it!

15. Have patience

When I first saw this clip, it really struck a cord with me. As a so-called ‘milennial’ (yuck, I hate that phrase) I can’t identify with everything he is saying. However I do agree with his theory that my generation has become accustomed to instant gratification (you can skip to around 7:27 if this is something you suffer from yourself..). I can be guilty of wanting what I want when I want it but I am determined to throw a hell of a lot of time, dedication and patience at my career and relationships.

16. Watch a whole film/episode without looking at my phone


I wish this wasn’t the case but I literally can’t seem to sit and enjoy a film without checking my phone every 20 mins. The world will not end if I don’t check my phone. Plus I always end up missing the important bits, no matter how great I think I am at multi-tasking.

17. Grow my makeup collection (even more)

My collection is already quite big, but like a wise woman from High School Musical 3 once said: Bigger is better and better is bigger..

18. Dance more

giphy (1)

Cos dancing is fun.

19. TBC


Not gonna lie 22 new-age-resolutions is a lot to make all at once, so I’ve decided to leave room for figuring things out along the way (the worst/best excuse for laziness ever?). The likelihood is I’m not going to stick to these, but I am ready to make this age count. Do your worst, 22.


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