February Favourites

Yep, I know It’s mid-march but that just means I’ve had plenty of time to decide on my Feb faves. Here they are:

1. Valentine’s Bundle


To begin with a bang, here are all my Valentines faves! Valentine’s is the one night you want to be sure to use your best makeup for the best pay off. These are all my ride or die items (apart from I think I’ve gone off the YSL foundation not gonna lie.)

2. Sleek Matte Me Lip CreamDSC_0361.JPG

I was really surprised with how well the formula compares with other pricier brands and Sleek really have nailed their colour selection – that lilac is banging.

3. Kylie goodiesDSC_0394.jpg

I splurged a bit and treated myself to some Kylie Cosmetics! I am OBSESSED with the burgundy palette the colour pay off is better than any other eyeshadow I own (Granted, I don’t have the biggest collection.) I did however get hit with a customs charge of £18. I won’t be buying from the site again just because of that but overall I am really pleased with the quality of the products.

4. Faves vs Least fave concealers


I can safely say the Nars creamy concealer is still my absolute favourite – with the smashbox one coming in close second. However the Nyx has really crept up on me to take the third spot! I originally bought shade 04 which was way too dark but I bit the bullet and re-purchased in shade 02 and I’m so glad I did! It’s become my fave everyday and stops me feeling like I’m throwing hundreds of pounds at my face all the time. On another note I HATE the Fit Me concealer. The colour selection is awful and the lightest shade is 100 times too dark for me – boo to being pale.

5. Nyx newbies


Loving the Matte Lip creams as much as ever! I already highly rated my ‘Abu Dhabi’ shade and ‘London’ and ‘Istanbul’ (the pink shade) don’t disappoint either. Thats my shade 02 concealer I mentioned before, love love love. The mascara is a fine mascara for the price although nothing to write home about. Ok not gonna lie I do not rate the translucent powder what-so-ever, nothing compares to the Illamasqua one in my opinion.

6. All you need is purple shampoo


Last but definitely not least I am 100% loving this shampoo. I ran out of the smaller bottle a while ago and when I saw these litre bottles for cheap at the Beauty Show (£20 for both) I had to get them! I’ve been using it once a week and I have honestly never had so many compliments on my hair. Deffo recommend for anyone who loves that vibrant silvery blonde.

Hold tight for the March faves cos I already have so many!


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