March faves featuring cruelty free makeup, birthday picks and magazine loving

This month I decided to make an effort to research which makeup brands do and don’t test on animals for the first time ever.

I should probably start by saying that I AM a meat eater (nothing brings me joy like a juicy burger) so i’m not about to start preaching about ending animal cruelty because that would make me a massive hypocrite. Regardless, I figured if I can be fleeky without causing unnecessary suffering to animals then I’m 100% down. I was so happy to learn that A LOT of the brands I already love do not test on animals at all. Some of my faves are Urban Decay, Nars, Illamasqua and Spectrum.


I was pleased to learn that Nyx are one of the brands that don’t test on animals since they are probably my fave brand atm.

I’m not going to stop using products that I have from brands that do sometimes test on animals but I am just going to gravitate towards companies that don’t in the future!

I’ve been really loving my spectrum brushes this month! I’ve never really invested in good eyeshadow brushes before (in fact I have been known to slap it on with my finger) but I’m glad I did – these have really changed how my eyeshadow looks for the better.

I’m so grateful to my two best gals for getting me this bday gift! I’ve wanted a Morphe palette for so long but just couldn’t justify getting myself one – here’s a little video I made pointing out my fave colours so far even though I’m really excited to experiment with more!

In all honesty, the back end of this month has been spent focusing more on my work experience with Closer magazine than makeup (Although I did manage to sneak this unicorn look in). I’ve enjoyed it so much and have been doing bits ranging from transcribing interviews with the Real Housewives cast to putting together my own feature for their website!


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