How to: Eggstravagant Easter cookies featuring cadburys creme egg

After enlisting the help of some super glue and a shed-load of tape I managed to fix my broken tripod in order to make this cookie video happen!


When I make videos at work I literally balance my phone on a chopping board hanging out a cupboard to get that birds-eye view (super high-tech, I know). Whenever I film at home I always use my DSLR –Β it doesn’t balance easily like my trusty Iphone so not having a tripod was a killer.

Anyway less of my rambling so we can get to the baking and more importantly, the eating!

giphy (3).gif

I’ll let the video do the talking because thats just easier – what I will say is don’t be afraid to add a little extra flour to this recipe until you get your desired cookie dough consistency (I usually just add flour until the mixture can roll nicely into a ball without sticking to your hand).

I added a bit of baking powder in with my flour which I don’t mention in the video – mainly because I just think mine grew too much and it wasn’t necessary (doing you a favour basically!)

One last thing, make at your own risk these cookies are EXTREMELY moreish!



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