This plane selfie of Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear has us all guessing whether they’ve joined the mile-high club

They’ve been setting some serious couple goals lately but it looks like Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear might have taken their relationship to new heights.

Charlotte shared this snap of the Just Tattoo Of us presenters looking a bit dishevelled during a flight to New Zealand.

image2 (1)

The pic has since been deleted, but not before a fan jumped to their own conclusion in the comments: “Looks like he just f****d char in the toilets.”


Obvs the scruffy hair could easily be the result of a satisfying snooze in those business class seats but we wouldn’t blame them for wanting to create their own in-flight entertainment.

After all, New Zealand is a long old way from Heathrow!

While the pair are yet to confirm their membership with the mile-high club, Charlotte wouldn’t be the first Geordie Shore lass to get some action after take-off. Her pal Sophie Kasaei recently revealed she “got f***ered” while stillย in her seat.

Moral of the story: Expect some extra turbulence if there’s a Geordie on board!

Now watch MTV’s Power Couple take each other on in a game of Mr and Mrsย 


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